RA Today ~ Sept 12/14

2 news

  • 2014 will include:  cameo in a Lewis Carroll film (speculation that it might be Alice in Wonderland – Through the Looking Glass which is currently filming); role in psychological drama Sleepwalker; Hobbit tour; Christmas with his family; and a big ski trip.
  • RA is contemplating working on either Macbeth, Oedipus, or The Cherry Orchard.
  • Signed up at digitaltheatre.com to receive news on the filming of The Crucible

Much more under the cut


applefia2036’s question regarding performing so close to the audience ~ source: his live twitter Q&A September 12, 2014 @RCArmitage

2 tweets

Twitter Crucible Q&A transcript by rarmitagenews

2 videos

Richard’s characters’ excerpts for each show on Youtube – a playlist by Dolphen3

2 pic & gif sets

Richard sitting by visionas23

Guy pic sets by redsirion 1 2 3 4


myrichardtreehouse has done some gorgeous Sir Guy pic sets 1 2 3

Richard talks about The Crucible, The Hobbit & Into the Storm by lukasnorth

Full body shots collage by richards-smile

2 photos

gif by jollytr from Blair Getz Mezibov photoshoot for Esquire UK, December 2013

gif by Jollytr from Blair Getz Mezibov photoshoot for Esquire UK, December 2013

by redsirion

from thearkenstone-ck

by good-oldfashioned-villains

by serik27


2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ Sept 12/14

  1. ra-overload says:

    the RA quote! seriously, shopping on your phone when RA is in front of you?! how is that even possible? what a mysetery, haha

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