RA Today ~ Sept 11, 2014

I’m home!  After assorted travels through eastern Canada I am warmly ensconced in my own house once again.  I’ll mostly go forward from today with RA stuff but may throw in some irresistibles which popped up while I was away.


Welcome new followers – it’s wonderful sharing an appreciation for Mr. Armitage

A fantastic story about meeting Mrs. Armitage and Richard’s grace from thorins-crown

In Conversation with Richard Armitage transcripts Part 1 & Part 2

Porter could take Lucas – audio clip via look-back-look-back-at-me 

Pop Thorin’s Nova Scotia Adventures Part 1 and Part 2

Annabel Capper Hand model and Voice Work.  Annabel attended The Crucible again but I have misplaced the link – will post when I locate it.

Before the Storm:  Gary Fuller fan fic Chapter 1


1 tweets

Live tweeting North & South

1 videos

1 gif pic sets

Thorin will rip out the liver if you dare laugh by gathaspar

Thornton Thursday by shewhowalksunseen

Proctor by richardcfarmitage

Thanking The Old Vic staff  Ned  Ola

1 photos

photographed by Sarah Dunn fall 2013

photographed by Sarah Dunn fall 2013

by whatwouldelizabethbennetdo

Gary Fuller by ezyoung

edit by jollytr

Sarah Dunn Photography via richardcfarmitage


2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ Sept 11, 2014

  1. ra-overload says:

    oh gosh… the new Sarah Dunn photos………………………………….. am i still alive? 😛 so glad you’re back! ❤ thanks for the update!

  2. ra-overload says:

    YAY for Before the Storm! 😀

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