RA Today ~ Sept 30


A couple of bloggers has been embracing their passion for Lucas, going back through archives to find photos and gifs of the troubled agent.  Not a complaint from these quarters!  And I’m pretty sure RA-Overload won’t mind a bit either 😉   You’ll see the harvest of Lucas treasures in the Pic & Gif Sets area.

Much, much more under the cut

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RA Today


Happy Thornton Thursday & Guy Friday!  I might have gotten a titch carried away with doing Guy edits.  If I was to sort the images in my edits file, I’m pretty sure there would be far more of Guy than any other three characters combined.  This is amusing because I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s my favourite RA character.  I’m a bit partial to pre-Bateman Lucas and Porter and Harry and Thornton and … oh dear.  Zeesmuse and Guylty, who I think are tops, really like Guy so it hopefully it will give them a smile to see him.

Planet715 has done several more drawings of Richard and his characters.  Here’s a sample:

by planet715


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RA Today ~ Sept 19 & 20


There has been a Silly Saturday challenge over on Twitter.  One Beard to Bring Them All where interested parties tweeted pictures of beards for Richard based on his comments in this interview.

Tons more, including Guy Friday, under the cut.   Let me know if you like the mosaic and slideshow options for photos.   url’s are available on the mosaic but not on the slideshow.

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