Speaking for himself, or: Why I like Richard Armitage tweeting

Me + Richard Armitage

BvylQr4IQAAy_bK.jpg_largeIt’s not just that Richard Armitage is funny (although in my opinion he is — my opinion of meat beards here or there, not every joke needs to tickle my fancy), nor that it marks a real career caesura in terms of his publicity (although I think it does, from my long term perspective much more so than the Hobbit: TDOS 2013 publicity blitz did — to me the real break was 2012), nor that he’s used it to promote charitable endeavors. I like all of those things. We’ve always known he was funny. Look at those early messages to fans if you don’t believe me — the “serious Richard” trope which was created in the post-North & South publicity and which many fans jumped on wholeheartedly but in my opinion, mistakenly, and the “precious Richard” trope that predominated among many fans, notwithstanding. Developing more facility with…

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