RA Today ~ August 25, 2014

Apologies – I don’t know what happened this morning but this posted in a partial state of undress and I couldn’t pull it back.   I’ll use read more’s from now on too because I’ve just realized how very long these posts are.

News of the day:  The Crucible was cancelled today because, it is rumoured, of concerns about the roof in yellow alert weather.  Richard came out to apologize to patrons, sign autographs and have photos taken.  A consummate gentleman.



Because we follow RCArmitage and he doesn’t go overboard with tweets, I won’t copy them here daily unless one is irresistable.  The thrust of today’s tweets:  RA encouraged us to support his charities and banter with the ITS cast.

DAD SAYS BEHAVE … OH MY … followed up by “always on my case” from Max?  Wonderful good! Open up the whole tweet to get Richard, Max & Nathan’s replies


New ITS interview from Cine54

an oldie but I hadn’t seen this particular one before

Gif & Pic Sets

3 misc. pics of our gorgeous man by armitagefan

Thorin Baconshield by oninha

Richard’s mom at the stage door  

Stage door receiving gift – lovely smile by Norloth on Istagram

Thorin & Thorin by armitageogormanturner 

Lovely Mr. Thorton by britishmenarehot

Stage door – another nice smile by Norloth on Instagram

Eni Koni’s IBC pics

Cancellation consolation pics 1 2 3 4 5 6


from Norloth @ twitter

manip by al sofa & carpet

by jferrell77


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