RA Today ~ August 24, 2014


The infamous Hobbit photoshoot on Wednesday, August 27th – in which a beard is to be disguised, groomed or otherwise fiddled with, will be done by Sarah Dunn.




Gif & Pic Sets

Lucas North drinking champagne gif set by riepu10

BCCMEE answers the beard challenge

Gorgeous banners by hi-tom

Lucas gifs by richards-smile 

Lucas series 9 by circusgifs and here and  here   and here

Vaughn questioning Lucas by circusgifs

Spooks series 9 behind the scenes by mzperx0506universe

Lucas the Russian oligarch and other ‘in suits’ sets by frankreich

Lucas by richiecrispie (I hear someone misses Lucas on their dash)


by if-i-just

by plfall

by nightshadow993

by nightshadow993

by nightshadow993

by lauraoakenshield

by lauraoakenshield










One thought on “RA Today ~ August 24, 2014

  1. ra-overload says:

    our man is going crazy on twitter! i dunno how he survived without one until now, lol! 😀 he’s such a dork ❤ seriously though… those pieces of meat are humongous!
    thank you for all the lucas! 🙂 i kept wanting to give him a hug. hate vaughn, urg.
    RA keeps doing stuff for barclays… and barclays is the official sponsor for the english premier league. i understand it's work, but i want to ask him if he's into soccer…errrr football, especially since leicester fc was promoted to the premier league this season. gahhh football + richard together may actually kill me though! haha

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