RA Today ~ August 23, 2014

sundries 2

Richard’s twitter experience is off to a great start.  Fun and friendly tweets, a peek into the preparation for his role as Proctor and a very interesting list of people & organizations he follows.

quotes 2

tweets 2

videos 2

(two more views of the ice bucket challenge)

gifs and pic sets 2

 What would Richard say by intheshadowofhismajesty

RA face appreciation by tolkienette

Thorin sketch by imjustahobbit

RA art by msrmy-mizumaru

Scowling Thorin & smirking Dis by hattedhedgehog

At DOS Berlin by thewatsondiaries

Yael Farber’s rehearsal photo

Braiding chain by spader 

Stage door by thorinsbitch 

Stage door by shakespeareandtheatre

Thorin painting by d0owz

John Standring adorable head canon by triple-r-porn

Doodles of young dwarves – Thorin being called arsemunch by Dwalin hehehe by ppitte

A birthday collage of really great pics by spirkachu

RA being interviewed – head & shoulders & smiles by glimpse-of-my-mind 

I will have war (and giggles) by fishsicle 

photos 2

Regular photos are in the  list above so that today we can have a black and white slide show for your RAppreciation.  In the first half, all but two of these edits were done by 3intheam; one was done by lotsofchocolateicecream and one by missjunior00.  My edits start with the closeup at the London AUJ premiere.


5 thoughts on “RA Today ~ August 23, 2014

  1. ra-overload says:

    the take down at the old vic is epic, haha! classy and sassy! lol
    i love the slide show. love how it’s mostly black and white. our man is so beautiful ❤

    • jollytr says:

      I forget that I generally do de-colour instead of black and white so sometimes there are traces of colour left … oooops.

      • ra-overload says:

        omg i think im going crazy… im looking at it again and i don’t see any color. mmm, the ones i thought had some shades of blue/green in them were lucas photos, but i don’t see them anymore… i think i have to get my eyes checked… i thought gary’s shirt was green not black and i didn’t notice that either until the 3rd time i watched the movie! lol, what is wrong with me!

      • jollytr says:

        No, you’re right – there are bits of colour! Reds and blues remain in several photos!

      • ra-overload says:

        thank goodness im not going completely crazy, haha!

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