RA Today ~ August 22, 2014


There have been dozens, if not hundreds of beautiful edits, pic sets and gif sets today.  It’s been a little overwhelming and with some personal business to take care of today, I haven’t been able to pull them all in.  Apologies for that.    Also, the edits I had planned for today will wait until things cool down a bit 😉   This is a longer than usual post so I’m giving the ‘read more’ a try.



20140820s german audio int 20aug14c 20140820s german audio int 20aug14B 20140820s german audio int 20aug14d




Mezzmerizedbyrichard’s Youtube video card

Tonight’s stage door by arikshirley

Laughing Richard gifs by a darling blogger

Sir Guy pic set by redsirion

Stage door by lojeju

RA most popular August 22nd birthday

Sir Guy fanart by kenjina/ohminastirith

John Proctor Collage by vilgerd

Nice collection by aniorro

Back appreciation by circusgifs

Thorin & Richard by thegaming-grid

Ice bucket challenge gifs by princes-of-dale

North & South gif set by north-and-prejudice

Smiling RA gifs by oflahertynick

Richard & Martin on Japan’s dvd extras by areyousuretonightsadangernight

Handsome birthday collage by shallowedinthesea

Thorin eating the birthday cupcake fan art by otl-123 

ITS black carpet by myrichardtreehouse

Richard’s Trailer Addict ITS interview by myrichardtreehouse

Assorted roles by richard-armitage-just

Thorin fan art on deviantart

Hilarious Lego Thorin Ice Bucket Challenge by fbiluthien

Birthday collage by armitagefassynation

Birthday collage by triple-r-porn

Random gorgeous pics by sidney-98

 Gorgeous Thorin by thecrownlesskings

Collage by ranveloce 


post ice bucket challenge stage door by strangeland-dreams


by armitagefan

by krisaylas

by riepu10


3 thoughts on “RA Today ~ August 22, 2014

  1. ra-overload says:

    Aww thank you for this post! please, never apologize. everything you do is a bonus and a gift to us RA fans 🙂 Thank you ❤
    Anyways… my favorite is the post by the "darling blogger" 😛

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