Happy Armitage-Day with a List of Photo Shoots

Guylty is my hero in so many ways. This is the most phenomenal post!

Guylty Pleasure

What do you give somebody who has everything? You don’t give them a tangible present at all. You do something in their honour, possibly. Or you create something for them, a poem, a painting, a birthday cake? Sometimes it is enough to let people know that we are thinking of them on their special day. And thus I have not written a birthday card to Richard Armitage. I am slightly cynical in that I believe there is not much point in writing to him. Or if I write, then I’d be writing for myself, really, and not for him, so I might as well do that here, on the blog that is dedicated to him but really is much more about and for his fans than about and for him. I think he’ll survive my growing lack of allegiance *ggg*.

When I do write about Richard Armitage, I like to…

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