RA Today ~ August 20, 2014


I have never been so wrong – audio

Higher quality The Golden Hour

E/N:  What if the cameo is a small bit in a movie which will be the role of a lifetime in the sequel?

Next week I’ll be leaving for Nova Scotia for two weeks and I don’t think I’ll have regular internet connection. RA Today may go on holiday too – or be greatly abridged.


20140820 entertainmentIE youtube aug 2014-tile


Follow link for audio file of interview with RA – RA is in English


The Crucible stage door  1   2   by pauladaquino


Simply the best gif set ever made in the history of the universe, peeing myself laughing

Guy & Porter by marrasquutamo

Thorin set by felorinbailenshield

Lucas North gif set

Stage door with zwergenfee

Stage door Instagram photo

An assortment of Armitage

Cbeebies derpy/sassy pics

Gorgeous Thorin gifs by felorinbailenshield

Slightly nsfw fili

Lee, Anna Friel and Richard photo manip

Thorin by riepu10

Fun Richard & Max gif set – bottom one is awesome cute

Professor Chuckles part 6 by gimmethehobbit

North & South by wintersdurin

Thorin fan art

Thorin & Aragorn by thecrownlesskings

Lucas North favourite role by richardarmitage-poland 

John Thorinton Oakenshield by circusgifs



by gimmethehobbit.tumblr.com

from mrholmeslastbow.tumblr.com

by jollytr

by gimmethehobbit

so it’s my birthday today and I recently moved to South America where I don’t know anyone. I feel pretty sad a lot because it’s hard with the language and culture and no one knows me either. However, my foster family gave me a tshirt with John Thornton on it because they know I love North and South. My foster mother said “how does it feel to have his face on your boobs?” They understand me well enough.

via outlawhobbies


by nfcomics

Richard Armitage Confessions

by Jollytr


by Jollytr

by lizzieoakenshield

by thorinarmitaged


by faramireowyn


2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ August 20, 2014

  1. ra-overload says:

    finally had time to go through this! 🙂 loved all the lucas therapy, hehe. thank you!
    I can’t believe richard doesn’t see why people find thorin sexually appealing! he cannot not know! maybe he’s being shy again, haha.
    I hope you have a wonderful time in Nova Scotia 😀
    I’ll be home with family starting next week, so I’ll have them to keep me company… but I will still miss you ❤

  2. ra-overload says:

    richard and max are so cute, haha. love their interviews! 😛

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