RA Today ~ August 18, 2014

2 news

Audio of DOS Cinemax interview re wimpy elves fainting

Audio of Thorin:  I have the only right

A lovely post every well wisher would be happy to read – as would Himself

When the Armitage happens to good people

Fans wax lyrical – Guylty

 How to get rid of the grey box in tumblr posts – new method – remember the number 31



20140818 Bromsgrove2008 RANet B-horz

20140818 Bromsgrove2008 RANet-horz

2 tweets


2 videos

Wonderful funny interview by Digital Spy

Announcement of JA quitting Robin Hood – cool backdrop of RA, LG & JA standing for paps

2 pic & gif sets

Lucas’ madness in Series 9

Richard with little Thorins

Fall 2013 Richard pics & gifs

Lucas North by redsirion

Sir Guy pic set by redsirion

 Oh I’m an idiot gif set by applefia2036

Very happy fan at the stage door

After the Storm gifs hehehehe


2 photos

by armitageuniverse.tumblr.com

Happy Majestic Monday ~ mirielofgisborne.tumblr.com

Margaret Hale & John Thornton ~ by prefernot2.tumblr.com

John Thornton by prefernot2.tumblr.com

by redsirion.tumblr.com

from britscatsandromance.tumblr.com

bitter smithing by applefia


hehehe – by thorins-crown.tumblr.com



5 thoughts on “RA Today ~ August 18, 2014

  1. ra-overload says:

    ohhh your headers are lovely!
    today’s videos are all priceless! hehehe
    and the last capture by thorins-crown. omg, bahahaha

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