Fans Wax Lyrical

Guylty Pleasure

I was idly watching the Sunday go by when for no apparent reason I remembered some fun fan poetry that I meant to post in a separate post long ago. Maybe today is the day, with nothing else happening? I really think you will have fun with some of this. And it goes to prove the point that it is well worth reading comment strands on posts. There are true gems to be found in there, honest.

So, we were going about our business on the comment thread of one of my *ooof*s over on me+r when inspiration struck and Kathy Jones started waxing lyrical. The context was an imagined male underwear collection called “The Line of Durin”, modelled by the Durin boys. And Kathy came out with this gem:

Ode to Pelts (Poetry Intervention)

There once was a man with a pelt,
Who sported a big shiny belt,

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