RA Today ~ August 16, 2014

sundries 2

I was away all day today so did only a cursory cruise on the dash & tag

Lots of stage door photos to get us caught up for the last week or so

quotes 2

tweets 2

videos 2

Wondercon ~ from earlier this year

gifs and pic sets 2

Red carpet suits

Lucas blinkitage by prefernot2

Badskippy’s gorgeous desktop wallpapers

Richard’s smiles by ruinarmitage

Waterstones event – gifs by armitageuniverse

Stage door August 15, 2014 by arikishirley

Meeting RA at the stage door August 14, 2014 by haldirsbow

Arianafandom’s stage door August 14, 2014

Somebodystolemytieras’s adorable stage door photo

Bespeckledhobbit’s stage door photo & experience

Foxstress’s stage door

Rox712 stage door


photos 2

hehehehe ~ serecenhawke.tumblr.com

Richard by evankart.tumblr.com

click on the pic for other pretty pictures in this post by obsessviebehaviors.tumblr.com


Gorgeous Proctor Art ~ ohminastirith.tumblr.com

Thorin ~ maelstromarts.deviantart.com

from riepu10.tumblr.com


from riepu10.tumblr.com


2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ August 16, 2014

  1. ra-overload says:

    Thank you so much for putting this together even though you were out the whole day 🙂 I loved the stage door pictures! 😀

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