Thank you from the bottom of my heart


samanthakeelysmith 2

A huge thank you to Guylty, ra-overload and Jane who have made this an incredible day!

I got back from walking the dogs to find:


so I took care of doggie business and dug out my scissors


Inside was a POSTER FROM THE CRUCIBLE because an anonymous donor gave some to Guylty to share with Well Wishers who were were unable to see the play.   I’m going to the framing shop tomorrow to have the poster pressed and mounted.   This lovely piece will be a life long treasure because whether or not RA is always the man of my fan-girl dreams this poster will always be a token of the beautiful spirit of lovely people from around the world who make strangers happy without any consideration for themselves.   There is kindness and goodness in this world and ironically John Proctor’s face will always remind me of that.


There was a lovely note from Guyly in the tube, written on custom stationery.  You made my heart sing Guylty!



A Guylty orginal … her own photo of our hero at the Berlin premiere of The Desolation of Smaug in Berlin, December 2013.   It is a magical thing to hold a real photo taken by a real person in the real world in comparison to all of the virtual beauty I’m used to.


But that was not all.   My heart lept into my throat when I found a tin in the package.  The level of high pitched squeals emanating from the general vicinity of my flailing body sent our dogs into fits.   I did the dance of joy and scared my poor son.



When I opened the enchanted RAPS I giggled, snorted, oohed and ahhhed.  Thornton was my, as any others, gateway drug.  It was through North & South that I first became aware of a compelling actor who had a powerful way of drawing you in by barely moving.  Thornton was not an easy, genial man.  He was prickly, outspoken and had quite the temper but Richard made you want to know more, to care and for the difficult man to get the girl.   That kiss in the train station had me weeping and swooning.  To have my very own portable shrine means there’s always a swoon at my fingertips :-).  There are also giggle snorts because of the bunny.   Guylty wouldn’t know it when she made it but ever since an early chapter in a Richard RPF I’m writing I will never be able to see a bunny again without giggle-snorting.  It is apropos to have a bunny in an RAPS.



Thank you Guylty for this wonderful treasure.  You have so much happening in your own life and yet you take time, energy, creative efforts and resources to make others happy.  You are a treasure and an inspiration.     Thank you to Jane for donating the poster and resources.  You are this summer’s Secret Santa – bringing joy to girls and boys who weren’t able to journey to London to see our Hero in the performance of a lifetime.   Thank you to ra-overload for putting a bee in Guylty’s ear to suggest that I might go insane for a RAPS – you are a loving kind friend and I am sorry to tell you, you’re stuck with me 😉

You ladies have made me happier than happy and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With love, gratitude and happiness, Alana

samanthakeelysmith 2



3 thoughts on “Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  1. ra-overload says:

    I’m grinning like an idiot! Seeing you happy makes me happy! ❤ Honestly, I think I got more out of this than you, hehe. I couldn't wait till you got it! 😀 And sorry A, you're stuck with me foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr as well 😛

  2. jollytr says:

    Oh I don’t think it’s possible for you to get more out of it than I am! My family might wish I wasn’t because apparently I’m driving them nuts, lol. Moosh can give an accurate description of the RAPS to a police sketch artist because before he escaped to bed, I showed him every 10 minutes. Hehehehe.

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