RA Today ~ August 13, 2014


The Silver Fox

Thorin Oakenshield Audio




this is the most incredible view of the stage I think – you can really tell how close everything is


From December 2012

gifs and pic sets

John Proctor

Spending too much time on the computer

Thorin on horseback

Beard love & beard yearning

Smile theRApy

High quality North & South pics

A lovely set for Anja’s birthday (beard porn) by gizzygisborne

Modern iconic roles – gifs and pic

Betrayal is a cancer, let it eat your soul not mine


click on the photos to open the original post in a new window

Truth! ~ source: twitter.com/SherlockianDW ~ not the op but unable to find it

source: faustineinpain.tumblr.com

Dwarven Cheerleaders ~ source: legolasstar.tumblr.com

Thorin the rad boogey boarder ~ source: elevski.tumblr.com

Robert Ascroft Photoshoot, 2012 source: armitagesangel.tumblr.com

Thorin by poralizer.tumblr.com

All shall fade ~ goddamdurins.tumblr.com

Lucas ~ source: redsirion.tumblr.com

Richard as The Spartan in 300 ~ source: anisamastuff.tumblr.com

From the archives ~ source: vampirelover88.tumblr.com

Monet & Proctor ~ source: prefernot2.tumblr.com


2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ August 13, 2014

  1. ra-overload says:

    Another lovely update! Thank you ❤
    the silver fox definition is perfection, haha. does richard know he's one? 😀

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