RA Pocket Shrine 38/? – Thorin, One Last Time?

I was so touched by the enthusiasm of Guylty and the generosity of Jane as benefactor. There is such love, support, enthusiasm, humour and creativity in this special gift and in all that Guylty does. Sending you awe filled thanks, hugs and oodles of chocolate ice cream. xo

Guylty Pleasure

how many shrines eachFor some reason I thought that Thorin was by far the most popular of all RAPS subjects. To me it felt as if I had enshrined the noble King more than any other chaRActer over the course of the last six months. I thought he had beaten the old favourite, Mr Thornton, and even my very own gorgeous knight, Sir Guy. Thorin on map, Thorin with crowns, Thorin mad, Thorin sexy… It was all Thorin to me. But when I did a little bit of analytics today, I realized that Thorin is *not* the “most favourite” RAPS subject at all.

In fact, there is no clear favourite. Much to my own surprise Thorin is up there with Mr Thornton and Guy at five shrines each. And – this is the biggest surprise for me, considering my great difficulties at confining the spy to a tin – with…

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