RA Today ~ August 12, 2014

sundries 2

Great interview with new and interesting quotes on things like future projects – must read

Is Richard a star?  An op ed

quotes 2

“Ye-es, there is, and I may have just auditioned for it. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t come through, because if I do get it, you will read about it!” ~ upon being asked if there is a once-in-a-lifetime role his heart desires.  See article in Sundries above.

any guesses what the role of a lifetime might be?  I’ve picked Sunne in Splendour but I’m not putting money on it, lol.

tweets 2


sorry, the tweet from Fraser’s Mom on the details of the bracelet has been taken down

videos 2

and an oldie but goodie

gifs and pic sets 2

Richard at the 2010 Baftas by mezzmerizebyrichard

Nice random pics by azseagal

Birthday gifs by mrsjohnstandring

How it’s made – the Strike Back promo manip photo of Richard & Orla

Tauriel & Kili art

photos 2

my gif from the new ConnTV interview (link above)

Lucas North ~ source: thequeensjester.tumblr.com

source: moriarty-dancing-in-the-tardis.tumblr.com

Colourful Porter ~ source: aniarafan2.tumblr.com

happy fella ~ my screen cap from ConnTV interview


2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ August 12, 2014

  1. ra-overload says:

    Wow, so much news today! 🙂 I wonder what this once-in-a-life-time role is! I think you may actually be right, A! I hope he gets the role….he will! 😀
    Richard & bollywood–this has to happen! hehehe (as long as he’s not asked to dance/pose like those cold feet promo pictures, rofl :P).
    And the bracelet mystery is solved! Will Nomination see an increase in their sales? 😀
    Lastly, I loved your take on celebrity vs. star, A. Maybe I should try to ask you an interesting question too…. but I lack the intellect, haha. Hope more people ask good questions, because I enjoy reading your take on things! 😀
    Thanks again! ❤

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