RA Today ~ August 8, 2014

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Since Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles is coming back to film and Anne really thinks Richard would be a perfect Lestat, could we be hearing some new casting news soon?  ~ Thorins-crown

Critical versus box office success – an editorial by me

XM radio interview (audio)

RA!NSFW    thorinoakenshieldconfessions.tumblr.com 

Russian print Interview

UrbLife print interview

The Source roundtable discussion (print) with RA, Stephen & Sarah

Men have been replaced by a Yankee Candle which smells like Richard


quotes 2

And you know how to administer first aid?  (X)

Yes, I can. When I was younger, I was a volunteer of the Red Cross. Therefore, in “Towards the storm” I knew how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation. And in general, I think children should learn it at school. Because this kind of skills give confidence that you can help someone you know in an emergency.

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Trailer on Now Playing


RichardArmitageNet ITS black carpet interviews extended cut


Gofobo video recap of ITS black carpet

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Funny snark gif about the weather in australia

The 42 year old teenager

Sir Guy’s naughty smirk reaction gifs

meandrichard’s places I’d like to kiss Richard ITS black carpet edition


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source: thelurkingdead.tumblr.com











source: gimmethehobbit.tumblr.com





































Guy Wolf from somanyguys.tumblr.com






source: mezzmerizedbyrichard.tumblr.com


source: from monstersandcritics.com












One thought on “RA Today ~ August 8, 2014

  1. ra-overload says:

    Another wonderful daily round-up! Thank you! ❤

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