RA Today ~ August 6, 2014

A tumblr friend is embarking on an intensive study regime and has to take a sabbatical from her Armitage scrolling.   I told her I’d do a daily recap of most important photos, gifs and news.  D., please let me know if this is enough, not enough, too much, etc.  Would you like links to reviews or will that bog you down too much?  I’ll also include interesting tumblr news.  This is a test run and my very first wordpress original post 🙂



Boston Herald


Screen Slam interview of ITS premiere

Yahoo Canada interview with RA & SWC

Richard Armitage US Part 1 of 2

Richard Armitage Net black carpet

Fox News



New Crucible photo from perssonsphotography.com

At Sirus radio interview for Into the Storm, August 4, 2014

From applefia2036 on tumblr. RA exiting press event for ITS, Aug 4, 2014

Alana’s cap from Screen Slam interview.

From the Yahoo Canada Interview August 6, 2014



Richard Armitage US black carpet experience
Part 1 (part 2 to follow tomorrow)

MarieAstra8’s black carpet experience for Operation Into the Storm
Part 1                   Part 2


6 thoughts on “RA Today ~ August 6, 2014

  1. ra-overload says:

    omg, this is brilliant! perfection! no complaints! 😀 Thank you Thank you Thank you! ❤

    • jollytr says:

      You are too funny! We`ll get the bugs out as we go along. I`ve already figured out I can put the Youtube stuff right in without needing to do it as a link 🙂 It`s kind of fun learning a new system!

  2. guylty says:

    Hey, this is really handy. (Hehe, my weekly Round-up has just gotten easier *ggg*)

  3. richardiana says:

    This is beyond perfect for those of us shamelessly enjoying our holidays but having limited internet access! Thank you so much! 😀

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