Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #27

Guylty Pleasure

Goodness me. Guess who completely fell out of her routine and completely forgot about compiling the round-up for the customary 8am (GMT) publication? Yeah. They say it takes three weeks to establish a habit. And probably only three days to fall out of it… But well, better late than never, and so here is what I found noteworthy on tumblr this week.

Round-up header 27

  1.  Jollytr continues her great fan service and has compiled another massive picture set that summarises episodes 9 to 13 of RH season 1. Thanks!
  2. Staying with Guy of Gisborne – riepu10 not only delights by posting a particularly loved photo of our Guy, but she’s found a quote that I hadn’t read before and that I really enjoyed
  3. ruinarmitage was one of the people who giffed the Crucible promo video. I love how she interspersed it with the reviews
  4. My shrine fairy Mimi, aka nfcomics, continues her…

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