Have I ever been so aware that you were a dancer, Richard Armitage?

beautifully written – poetry

Me + Richard Armitage

tumblr_n8j36wa9Ii1sfpmblo4_r2_250[Left: Richard Armitage in Esquire video, 2013. Cap from Armitage Fan.]

I know you were a dancer, twenty years ago. Now I imagine you dancing only out of love. I remember when you said that as a teen you were afraid people would watch you and think you were not very good. I remember when you said musical theater was too showoffy and I think in the settings where I can observe you, that you do not dance to call attention to yourself. Still, I observe it here and there, the twist of a wrist, the way one of your characters rolls his hips, the jaunty cock of your chin, the pose on a red carpet or the position of your feet.

You may not dance any more, but someone taught you how to move, how to pose for just an instant, never heavy-handed. The slide across the room…

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