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Thorin at storm 03




CUT! Try again!








CUT! Try again!


















erotic 2






BONDAGE!!!! Where’s the fuzzy handcuffs?





erotic thorin








No you’re not.


We're having sex


Yes, I will have that from you!





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Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #27

Guylty Pleasure

Goodness me. Guess who completely fell out of her routine and completely forgot about compiling the round-up for the customary 8am (GMT) publication? Yeah. They say it takes three weeks to establish a habit. And probably only three days to fall out of it… But well, better late than never, and so here is what I found noteworthy on tumblr this week.

Round-up header 27

  1.  Jollytr continues her great fan service and has compiled another massive picture set that summarises episodes 9 to 13 of RH season 1. Thanks!
  2. Staying with Guy of Gisborne – riepu10 not only delights by posting a particularly loved photo of our Guy, but she’s found a quote that I hadn’t read before and that I really enjoyed
  3. ruinarmitage was one of the people who giffed the Crucible promo video. I love how she interspersed it with the reviews
  4. My shrine fairy Mimi, aka nfcomics, continues her…

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Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #26

Guylty Pleasure

Tada! The round-up is back! Of course it really irks me that the number of round-up now doesn’t correspond with the number of weeks in the year anymore :-(. Yes, so anal is Guylty’s sense of duty and order. You can also call simply ascribe it to being German. Or to having spent the last four weeks in Germany. Hell, it really is pretty easy falling back into the unspoken rules and regulations of German small-town life…

I draw a proper blank when it comes to two of the last three weeks on tumblr. I did look at my dash every other day, but I hardly reblogged, and I didn’t mark the posts that were eligible for inclusion in a round-up. But I am back at the reblog button now, and therefore I present you the latest and greatest from tumblr, edition #26. I think that demands a new logo/signature…

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The Crucible (Old Vic), review

great performances


Arthur Miller’s powerful play equating the hysteria of the Salem witch trials with the investigations of the McCarthy committee against Communist influences within Hollywood.  Even with this in mind the unfolding plot seems eerily relevant today, in which any questioning of authority might be seen as subversive, and where the question can still be asked “is the accuser always holy?”

The Old Vic auditorium has been adapted to accommodate a production ‘in the round’, not entirely successfully – from the original old stalls seating, where I was, you look forward to the old proscenium arch and boxes which look a little forlorn now, especially as they have been draped in what look like stained dustsheets.  Ahead there is temporary stalls seating, some so close to the actors they almost become part of the action, and two tiers of seating above.  These seats must cost less than the ones on the other…

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Emergency *ooof*: Full Frontal Arsitage

Guylty knocks it out of the park … again

Guylty Pleasure

“Christ Almighty!” I quote myself here, with my immediate reaction when I followed the link that Sahraobsessed had thankfully alerted me of via Twitter. You may imagine that exclamation at about lawn mower decibels with a measure of post-marathon breathlessness thrown in. Oh, and of course with the same tone of incredulity that a 7-nil soccer win against Brazil elicits *ggg*. Many, many curses are currently floating around in my brain in reaction to the images. “What the f*ck, Armitage???” is actually the tamest one of them all. 😀 Ok, Guylty, hold it together and do your duty now.

How extraordinarily fortunate that I had started researching for an *ooof* on Wednesday – and lo and behold – for the image that adorns the offensive ST article… Well, ditch that image (which I am not *that* fond of, anyway) and instead choose a triple *ooof* from the rest of the…

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Have I ever been so aware that you were a dancer, Richard Armitage?

beautifully written – poetry

Me + Richard Armitage

tumblr_n8j36wa9Ii1sfpmblo4_r2_250[Left: Richard Armitage in Esquire video, 2013. Cap from Armitage Fan.]

I know you were a dancer, twenty years ago. Now I imagine you dancing only out of love. I remember when you said that as a teen you were afraid people would watch you and think you were not very good. I remember when you said musical theater was too showoffy and I think in the settings where I can observe you, that you do not dance to call attention to yourself. Still, I observe it here and there, the twist of a wrist, the way one of your characters rolls his hips, the jaunty cock of your chin, the pose on a red carpet or the position of your feet.

You may not dance any more, but someone taught you how to move, how to pose for just an instant, never heavy-handed. The slide across the room…

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For those interested….


zee's muse

The entire RArmy and all of his well-wishers… well… we’ve flat-lined. We’re all dead. Do NOT attempt resuscitation. Simply give us space and air and MAYBE we’ll revive, but I doubt it…

Actually the minute the pictures and THEN the vid came out… we were all…




I don’t even think he’s sorry.







and now we’re all…







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