2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #33

Guylty Pleasure

Ok, I can’t resist. I am writing and scheduling this on Wednesday evening, ahead of my trip across the water. When you are reading this, I will be sitting in the Barbican, watching Cumberbatch in Hamlet. However, before I left, there were already so many goodies on Tumblr that I decided on a whim, at 10.45 pm to quickly throw the link list together. Wouldn’t want to miss all this:

UATSC round-up 33

  1. First of all, not-that-kind-of-hot kindly clears up the bum fluff issue raised in Empire magazine. I think we can state he is a 1 on the scale…
  2. tosquinha draws again – animal-aided diplomacy in Middle-earth. Cute
  3. What? Underwear is not funny? Of course it is. Pic posted by mhaikkun
  4. You may know the name tankhera as one of the best cosplayers Middle-earth has seen. Here she is, ready for DragonCon 
  5. Probably been up somewhere before, but these pics from the SD last…

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A Badge for a Good Cause

Guylty Pleasure

Some of you might remember that I had a second batch of badges printed a while ago.


I had ordered them for no other reason than I had run out of the first 100 so-called “fandom identifiers” and thought it would be nice to have some more available for… whenever. Well, it seems as if the opportunity may have arisen just now. The long-awaited Urban and the Shed Crew film will premiere on the 7th of November at Leeds International Film Festival, and I have heard that there may be a fan or two going to the event.

IMG_6598 Flower crowns optional, peeps!

An opportunity to don a discreet little badge that signals the shared fandom to a fellow fan while not plastering the allegiance to Mr A all over the shop. Or as I wrote last year when I originally executed the idea on prompting by notallwhowonderarelost, after…

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Berlin Prem Bonus

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Originally posted on Guylty Pleasure:
Can I lighten up your Sunday with a bit of bonus material? My beta test group aka Twitter seemed to think this was worthy of looking at, too, so here is some bonus material from the Berlin Hobbit premiere, freshly edited. Word of warning: Scraping the barrel here, because some…

2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #29

Lots of great RA links 😀

Guylty Pleasure

The pleasure of the lull is enveloping me. Yes, I actually quite like it when there is a so-called drought. Mind you, there was enough action this week, what with RA’s cheeky tweet. I wonder how he is doing with his German language coaching… I certainly look forward to hearing some uvular fricative Rs from him, and possibly some velar fricative CHs. Sounds dirty? Look it up! 😀 They are, btw, the benchmark upon which it will be decided how good his coaching was. For a native English speaker, those sounds are extremely difficult to replicate – because they do not really exist in (Standard) English. I have full confidence in RA, though, because he is musical, and that will certainly help him first *hear* the sound, and then imitate it. Well, and maybe I shouldn’t expect too much. He’s not playing a German (despite the extremely German name of…

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2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #28

so much fun

Guylty Pleasure

With a two-week break, here is the round-up again. I was away for the first of the two Saturdays I missed, and then last weekend the #cRAftingForCharity auctions were happening, so I had to forego the weekly catch-up with all things tumblr. Apologies for that! The good news is, that that means I will have loads to post today because I did note and reblog a lot of posts during my absence – I just didn’t have time to compile it in my usual Saturday morning post.

On a different note: Not sure if you have noticed it, but I usually illustrate my round-up posts with a banner that takes a photo from Richard’s current projects. With Hannibalsadly over and nothing out right now, I am at a loss what to use. Any suggestions? I somehow think that UATSC has the best chance of being the next project, so…

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